Rijeka Crnojevića, love comes in different shapes


One of the most beautiful small cities in Montenegro is arguably Rijeka Crnojevića.  If you hear what tourists say you would think as it was very hard for them to decide to leave main road Podgorica – Cetinje just to visit this small place. The ones who do this don’t even want to come back on the road, when they see how beautiful is this small fisherman place.

It was built on the same name river, and establishment of the city is closely associated with  the ruler Ivan Crnojević- who was fleeing from the Turks and moved his seat from Žabljak. 

Aproaching from one of the side roads will lead you to the spectacular sightseeing. The excitment will increase as you drive through curvy roads and every hundered meters you will have incredible desire to take a break and enjoy gorgeos view. The river which flows to the lake and makes it more clear is one of the most amazing landscapes you will ever see while you are in Montenegro.

From the historical point of view, in XIX  and XX century Rijeka Crnojevića was Balkan verson of Venezia- mean port  and important merchant town.  Today, it is small touristic place which has soul and great local people, as well as historical monuments – the bridge that was built in 1853, by the Montenegrin Prince Danilo, in memory of his father Stanko Petrović. On the other side of the river there is famous house named Mostina.

This place will make you feel to forget in which country you are in, you will fall deep enjoying tranquility and simplicity of this charming place, and for sure you will consider to try some national dishes in some of the small restaurants.

In case you meet some local, you can hear story about back times, when this place has some factories, like one for making guns, factory for producing artificial pearls, harbour and etc.

Nearby, while watching lively nature you can hike to some abandoned places- where humans admire mixture of nature and past human work.

You can not be amazed by ivy overgrown construction which stairs are making spectacular waterfalls for small river floating through.

Far from that place, following the track will lead you to the natural waterfalls with stone overgrown by green nature – and sound of the water makes you keep your mouth closed- just enjoying ambience.

If you are lucky, and if water level is low enough, you can cross the river and enter an Obod cave where you can enjoy heart of whole town.

On the way back you would feel like you should stay longer, but it is better to go to the centre of the town before the sunset.

Smell of the fish, sound of waves and small boats in the river will make you feel like you are in other universe in which one you can find your own peace- even you want to stay here forever/ there are lot of places in Montenegro that are calling you.

In this place, not only the tourists were settling down wishing to relax, but lot of famous artist get inspiration to make some of their bets works here.

Photos from this place are included in every promo video about Montenegro which travels all around the world to make our country a bucket list place.

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