Perast- the real treasure of Montenegro


Taking the drive trough the bay- a serpentine road distanced for a couple of meters from the sea will make you imagine yourselves acting in some movie. In such delightment, you will whistle joyfully, but the cars passing by you  so frequently , will make an inconvenience of rupturing  your enchanted view lost  in mangnificent nature’s creations here. Byron, eminent romanticist, once had said:’’In the moment of Earth’s creating, the most opulent merging between the land and the sea happened on Montenegrin coastline.’’- he surely had these landscapes on mind.

Despite of being pretty much hidden when you approach from the land side, Perast is probably the only  site on our coastline that will take your breath away even before you become aware of it. A town inhabited by only 300 citizens( that is less than the number of followers you have on your Instagram account) will captivate all your senses and mind with its splendid beauty. This majestic town, all described in diminutives (except when it is about its beauty) , is located on the foothill of Saint Ilija, on the opposite of the Verige- the narrowest part of the bay.

There are about 20 churches, and the most eminent is the one of Saint Nikola, whose steeple is tall 55 meters and represents one of the most remarkable symbols of the bay and the whole coastline as well. Even if it hasn’t been finnished in planned shape, today it is treasure house and museum.

The fact that many Russian princes had sailed with famous local sailor Marko Martinovic, witnesses the glory of Perast. Besides that, there are many customs making this town so special, out of which the most famous is Fasinada-related to one of the most dazzling stories in Montenegro, that can not be understood if it is not retold in details.

One more legend, out of hundreds related to this place, is about Vicko Bujevic, the owner of famous palace in Perast who pushed one builder in the sea after having said that he could make better palace than Vicko’s was. It says a lot about those people stoutness. Nowdays, that palace is a home of Museum of town Perast- home of  thusands and thousands years of this town history.

Despite of being exposed to tourists, with its main street and stairways that make this city so alive, Perast has succeeded to maintain its calmness and to remain such as it always has been- protected and lusting for people endowed with power of truly dreaming.

A stunning view on Gospa od Skrpjela and isle Saint Nikola, has been launched to the world long time ago and has sailed the Planet, like local glorious sailors once used to do. Even though their town  is so popular and present in every single Montenegrin promotion or presentation, the citizens of Perast are trying to protect it from urbanization, firmly staying stick to its rich history.

If you decide to take tour to Perast, give your best to find a local citizen(even if it means that you have to go in front of their house) and ask them to retell you some interesting story about the town. A couple of stories will be enough to move all your senses and to arise the desire to come back again. Feel free to recommend this town, with its pure soul and unspoiled locations, to all people of refined taste for splendid mergings between man and nature- there’s no place for disappointment in Perast.

Now, it is time to say farewell. The boat is waiting for us. We’re heading to Gospa!

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